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Sex Crimes

If you are being investigated or charged with a sex crime, you are likely in a complete panic and in unchartered waters. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in dealing with sex crimes at any level. It is imperative that you have experienced legal representation from the beginning – before you talk to the police or make any statements about the allegations. Camille has more than 21 years of exclusive criminal law experience and has handled hundreds of sex related cases.

If you are being investigated or charged with a sex crime, I will consult with you immediately, either in person or over the phone, to help you understand the system, possible consequences, and help navigate through the process. Sex cases have very serious penalties including possible mandatory prison and sex offender registration. DO NOT go it alone. And do not hire an attorney without experience in this area. As a former prosecutor, Camille saw these cases from the other side. That experience is invaluable and may make all of the difference in your case and your results. Call 801.399.ATTY (2889) immediately for a free, confidential consultation.

DUI Defense

A DUI seems like it should be the easiest of cases to handle. But the truth is, if you can handle the complexities of a DUI as a prosecutor or defense attorney, you can handle any type of case. DUIs, whether stemming from alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs, are one of the most challenging areas in criminal law. The direct consequences of a DUI (like jail, a fine and drug and alcohol classes) are difficult enough to control. But the collateral consequences from the Drivers License Division, including possible license suspension, ignition interlock restriction and alcohol restrictions are a completely different game. If you do not have your own attorney, no one will tell you what all the consequences will be for you. Do not take the chance at making things more complicated by handling the matter yourself or by hiring someone who is not experienced in this area of the law.

You need an experienced attorney guiding you through the system from the very beginning to make certain that your constitutional rights are protected, that law enforcement followed the law and the proper procedures and that you know every consequence before it happens. Camille’s representation of you includes the DLD hearing and all criminal court dates from start to finish. Contact the office a free confidential consultation in person or over the phone so that you know what specific consequences you may be facing. 801.399.ATTY (2889).

Drug Crimes

Do not underestimate the seriousness of drug charges. There is always the risk of incarceration on even a simple marijuana or paraphernalia charge. Even without jail, any drug crime can have a long-lasting effect on your life, work, school, driver’s license or professional licenses. Do not assume it is just a simple charge. The laws regarding drug crimes have changed drastically in recent years – do not let yourself get caught up without knowing all of your options and the possible consequences.

If you are facing a drug or controlled substance charge, call immediately for a free, confidential consultation to discuss the legal issues in your case. 801.399.ATTY (2889).

Homicide & Violent Crimes

While the penalties for some crimes have been reduced recently, this has not happened with Violent Crimes or Homicide. Any aggravated crime – based on injury, use of a weapon or gang enhancement – can change your life in an instance and result in a prison sentence. The trend for minimum mandatory sentences that involve no judicial discretion, have resulted in longer sentences and significant risks to anyone charged with these offenses. Do not risk everything by hiring an inexperienced attorney to handle your case. Camille has handled many violent crimes as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. Seeing these cases from both sides is a perspective that you need if you are charged with a violent or serious offense.

Please call for a confidential consultation in person or on the phone at 801.399.ATTY (2889).


After a certain period of time, you may be eligible to have your criminal history and all related records expunged or sealed under Utah law. The calculation of time, number of crimes and type of crimes can be confusing and complicated. Even if you do not initially qualify for an expungement, changes can be made to your criminal history in order to help you qualify. Even people who have been to prison may qualify for an expungement.

Anyone that qualifies for expungement should take advantage of the opportunity as soon as they are eligible. Changes are made every year to the law that may make an expungement possible. Do not miss out on restoring your rights.

Call 801.399.ATTY (2889) to make an appointment for determine if you are eligible or what it may take to make you eligible.

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